11 March 2022, Tilburg: noise protest against FvD!

11 March, Tilburg: noise protest against FvD! Come all!

Friday evening, 11 March, Forum voor Democray (FvD) intends to have a Theater Tour event, a meeting as part of their election campaign.

FvD is a fascist organization that has to be fought and opposed, not facilitated. FvD promotes racism, sows contempt for women and sows hatred against queer people. FvD intimidates opponents and systematically threatens everybody’s well-being and lives by spreading lies about climate and corona.

We, antifascists in Tilburg, do not intend to take this lying down. We will not passively watch fascism grow and do nothing while it manifests itself in Tilburg in an organized way. We call for action in the form of a noise protest. Take your pots and pans, your whistles and vuvuzelas, rattles and whatever makes a hell of a noise, use your full throat if you can, and make yourself heard against fascism!

Time and location:

Friday, 11 March 2022, 19.30 hour

Van der Valk Hotel Tilburg, Dokter Bloemenlaan 8, Tilburg

Assemble beforehand:

19.00 hour

Entrance of the Leijpark, At the corner of Ringbaan-Zuid and Professor Van Buchemlaan, at the Maria-and-child-statue.

Can be reached by bus: line 142 or 143, bus stop Prof. van Buchemlaan, walk back from the busstop in the direction from where the bus came.

We will take off from the assembly place at 19.10 hour and walk to the location.

Whether you come to the assembly point or straightaway to Van der Valk: come strictly on time, but do not hang around beforehand. If possible, do not come by yourself but together with others. Look out for one another. Keep each other safe.

We did not officially notify the municipal authorities of our action: we think that we have every right to protest against fascism, whenever and wherever we want. We refuse to be put in the bureaucratic grnder through which the municipality thinks they can limit or even rebuff us.

Lawyer Willem Jebbink  is ready at the telephone in case p[eople get into trouble with the authorities. +31(0)6 5579 1837

Spread this call-out! Not just through Signal and relevant app groups. Not just through e-mail and mailing lists and Discord. Put it on websites and social media as well! We seek maximal outreach, maximal participation. Spread the call-out further, no holds barred!

The info about the action is not definitive and may be changed. Best check our website shortly before the action for possible changes and updates.

With antifascist greeting,

Antifa Brabant



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